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Vintage Navajo Twill Rug Saddle Blanket Native American Indian Textile Weaving , Vtg Native American Navajo Wool Rug Saddle Blanket 31 5x27 5 Textile Weaving, Hand Crafted Model Of Navajo Woman Weaving A Rug from Navajo Nation In Arizona, Native American Indian Rug Weaving Blanket 35 By 63 Inches Navajo Antique , Beautiful Vintage Saltilo Tight Weave Navajo Rug Saddle Blanket 95 x61 Mexico, Antique Navajo Rug Childs Saddle Blanket Native American Indian Weaving, Antique Transitional Era Navajo Rug Weaving All Natural Churro Hand Spun Wool, Very Nice Vintage Old Navajo Weaving N R , Navajo Indian Rug Weaving Klagetoh Ganado Red Nice Shape, Vintage Navajo Yei Pictorial Rug Weaving Wall Hanging Stretched Over Wood Frame